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Keilah Jude's Reel/Videos

Here you can find some reel clips, interviews, and runway shows that Keilah Jude is featured in.

Theatrical Reel

Commercial Reel

Comfort Inn Commercial

Keilah Jude played a business traveler who decides to visit The Comfort Inn.

Alberto V05's Commercial

Keilah Jude played Stacy, a news repoter, in Alberto V05's Hair commercial.​​

America's Best Eyeglasses and Contacts Commercial

Keilah Jude played an interviewee in this commercial for America's Best Eyeglasses and Contacts.

Keilah Jude on FM radio

Keilah Jude was interviewed on 106.9 FM radio station.

Channel 4's Interview

Keilah Jude was interviewed by channel 4 at the premeire of Descent of a Superstar.​

Joseph Airport Toyota Commercial

Keilah Jude acted as the female host for the Joseph Airport Toyota commercial.

Runway Shows

Here are videos from runway walks.

Interview Before A Runway Show

Keilah Jude interviewed with Channel 4 before getting to the makeup chair!

Keilah Booked Four ALDI Commercials!

Keilah put her hands in the mysterious box to guess what is inside!

Keilah Sits Down With Reel Independent 

Keilah Jude had an interview with Reel Independent. 

Keilah Jude Modeling on TV

Here is a collection of videos of Keilah modeling on TV for FOX45 and Channel 2.

ALDI Commercial

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